Vancouver, Canada

Nice ,quiet , clean home

Apartment 2 1 1
optional rent
$50 / night
$350 / week
$1250 / month
About Our Home
My name is Carolyn. I love travelling , movies, dance, photography, production, circus,learning languages, learning culture etc! AND I LOVE FOOD :) I am very out-going ,creative, friendly and approachable. I hope my home make you feel like home too even though it might be a short time! :) I have been to /live in... Asia: Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Philippine Europe:Norway, Sweden, Holland, France, Switzerland , Austria , Czech Republic, Germany Oceania: French Polynesia North America: Canada ( Ontario, British Columbia) , America South American: Mexico ( Baja)

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Member since: Nov 2014
Availability:   Within the next 3 months
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destinations Anywhere
destinations Anytime
Anytime between Dec 3- Dec 20 , ideally 7 days within the time frame

  About Us

  1. I am a Zumba Instructor, love dance
  2. Love food, culture, languages
  3. Love meeting new people

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I am looking forward for a home swap, I would like to go somewhere hot exchange home with someone who is respectful and love skiing , dining , get a taste to live in Canada!