Niš, Serbia

in the center werry nice, and willa

Apartment 2 1 1
optional rent
€29 / night
€160 / week
€500 / month
About Our Home
nice apartment in center but werry nice with parking and willa near to the city on 10 km near to the river and spa, mountain for walk to on 14 km

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destinations Anywhere,  France,  Italy,  Spain
just to trawel nice and hawe a nice time, we are small family I am a lawyer my wife was a judge in court and we are werry much frendly people
destinations Anytime

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  1. small family with 2 years douther, J am 51 mu vife is 40
  2. we dont hawe pets
  3. we are good natural cookker and we like to live openly and meet people

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Serbia is werry interesting come to town when is Konstantin the great born