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Too tiny for an exchange!

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IT's a studio flat and is very small. 4 of us so i don't really consider this Ibiza time a good time to exchange! VVVery sorry!
The SEA!

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  1. Iha! I'm Laura, born and raised in Italy- actually moving around the globe, generally with my cat!
  2. I'm a body piercer. In love with human body, we adorn and beautify humans and it is good as it sounds! Since i've been to Thailand i started juggling , got closer to staff and a beginning of fire spinning- this is connecting me with LOADS of good souls, l o v e i t ! Everything that turns around humans skills and circus (no animals!) is truly awesome for me.
  3. Once i started travelling i just discovered how big curiosity can become in our bodies and minds. We should never lose it along the way, for our own good and mental progress. The experiences you can go through killing your daily routine are immense!

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Ahm.. this sounds awkward to me. Let's say that i'm a well organized person, probably because i need to be quite precise while i'm working as well! even more with stuff that is not mine- your house, double care! And in this life you just need to be respectful because traveling is an immense reality and meet new humans make people feel good. The best way to get closer to local people, culture and traditions is to stick with them or in this case live an experience in their house! Don't know if...