São Carlos, Brazil

Close to USP and the City Center.

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About Our Home
I live with a friend in a nice apartment 5 minutes to the USP university, maybe 10 minutes to the city center and 15 minutes to the buss station. We can offer mattresses , pillows and blankets. In São Carlos there are many interesting bars, pubs, show houses and restaurants with different food. We also can help with any kind business in the university with you need :)

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2 nights are the best for us, but we can talk about :). Weekends are totally available.

  About Us

  1. I am graduated in chemistry
  2. I have a beautiful little cat called Alby :)
  3. I love Games, Books, Series and Movies

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I am new in this type of experience but I am happy to exchange experiences with people who have a totally different background. My housemate play the guitar and my other friends always come in my home to play something or drink, so you are guest. I love animals and children, I have a little cat and a goddaughter who is 7 years old now, so I'm happy to be received in a house where you have pets and children.