Temanggung, Indonesia

Friendly home with free tour guide

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About Our Home
Our home is just a small home like an indonesian home generally... Actually, we have 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. BUT if you doesnt matter to sleep like a backpackers, that will be good! My mother can cook some Indonesian food or something you like, and My father is a good tour guide. Our home is near Yogyakarta, Borobudur temple, Semarang, and if you like hiking, my home is near 4 big mountains (merap, sumbing, sindoro and merbabu). we have soo many beautiful spot to see a sunrise or sunset! Our family is really friendly, and can speak english. But, my home is a general home :P so dont imagine its like a hotel

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  Our Dream Trip

destinations Anywhere
I would be like to go anywhere. It's depent to my saving and my free time.
destinations Anytime
Anytime is okay, my parent and my brother will be happy to meet you anytime. But, I live in different city and I just come back home at June-August and Dec-Jan. But everytime will be okay for us

  About Us

  1. I'm a 21 y/o girl with my Father 45 y/o, my mother 48 y/o and my brother 17 y/o. and we have a cat
  2. I'm a student at Art and design faculty, my brother is highschool student, my father have a brick factory and my mother is a lawyer
  3. we enjoy traveling and meet someone new. and we are really friendly and humouris. My father is a good guide, he can tell you a good place and a good cullinary spot. and you can ask me if you want to go to capital city or Bandung city because I live in that place too

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I'm new in this project but you can trust me. but please, you must have a good schedule. You can ask me or all of my family members about a good destination or food or something you want to ask. We are really love to meet someone new and exchange an information about another culture/language. We love a pet and we have a cats, so we can take a care your pet as long its not a frog (I really scared) or something big like a horse, bull, elephant or girrafe. We can show you how to life like indonesia...