Is home exchange for you?

Home exchange is becoming more and more popular among travelers for many reasons. First of all, home exchange provides free accommodation. Having a full kitchen available allows for a cheaper alternative to eating out every meal and having to start off the day looking for a place to eat breakfast.

Also, shopping at the local grocery store is a great way to become familiar with the culture. This is another major reason why more people are considering home exchanges. They like to see how people in the area live by staying in real homes and experiencing the everyday life of the place. Many times, the families exchanging homes will leave each other introductions to friends or neighbors. Experiencing the culture is harder when staying at hotels surrounded by tourists in more ”touristy areas”.

In some cases the home exchange includes the use of the family car, and this can greatly cut the trip transportation costs. It may also make day trips to surrounding areas easier.

Home exchange is not for everyone, though. Some people are not comfortable with the idea of strangers living in their homes. They’re concerned about valuables in their homes, for example. Or whether the home they will be staying at meets their expectations.

Travelers that are used to package tours where every activity and meal is arranged beforehand may also not feel comfortable with home exchange. Typically people doing home exchanges are flexible travelers who prefer to design their own trip and tend to be more open to getting off the beaten path.

If you are intrigued with home exchange but have doubts about the experience, the best thing to do is to contact those who have experience swapping their homes. Most are more than happy to answer your questions.

Jun 5, 2014

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