An affordable Australian vacation through home swapping

Australia is an attractive vacation spot for visitors all over the world. Its wide variety of climates and landscapes makes it an interesting destination. Australia has climates ranging from temperate to subtropical, tropical and desert. There are beaches, coral reefs as well as mountains and desert. There is also a diverse culture involving the traditions of indigenous peoples and those of contemporary urban centers such as Sydney.

Vacation activities may involve the outdoors, such as enjoying the beaches and exploring the outback and national parks. They can also involve urban activities such as attending cultural events, shopping, restaurants and night life.

Because of its remote location, getting to Australia can be quite expensive. Travelers are increasingly looking at home exchange as a means of reducing their vacation costs. Free accommodation can make up for the expensive air fare. And there are home swapping opportunities all over the country, depending on what kind of vacation travelers are interested in.

For example, there are homes listed in Sydney for those who would like to stay in this sophisticated city and make day trips to other areas ( There are also listings close to Cairns, in the tropical north, or close to Brisbane and other areas close to the sea ( for those who prefer a more outdoorsy kind of vacation.

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Jun 30, 2014
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