Packing for a longer trip

When we go on trips we usually take many more things than we end up using. And we end up carrying a lot of unnecessary weight around. There’s plenty of advice online from travel experts on how to pack light. Here are some of their tips:

Packing for a longer trip should not differ from packing for a shorter vacation.

First of all, find out about the weather you’re likely to find at your destination. If the temperature is likely to vary widely, bring clothes you can layer . If you need to bring a heavy jacket, carry it with you.

Also note different standards of dress in the culture you will visit. For example, shorts may not commonly worn in certain countries.

Choose clothes in neutral colors so that you can create many outfits by mixing tops and bottoms.

Bring one week worth of underwear. When you go on an exchange vacation it’s easier to do your laundry than when you stay at hotels! Family homes will usually have laundry machines and sometimes dryers too.

If travelling with a group, divide essential items between suitcases- this way, if one suitcase is lost, each person will still have some clothing and supplies. Include one change of clothing packed, medications and other essentials in your carry-on.

Pack two pairs of shoes -- one dress-up pair and one casual pair -- and wear your sneakers to travel. When you pack your shoes, take advantage of the space inside them to stow things like your socks, sunglasses or cell phone charger.

Pack a week's worth of toiletries, you can buy more as needed at your destination. Always place liquids inside resealable bags to contain leaks.

Consider how much you will use your digital devices. Bring only those that will perform the tasks you will need.

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Dec 28, 2014

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