6 Tips for a successful home exchange

Below are some helpful tips to create better home exchange experiences:

  1. Be honest in your home descriptions in your listing and when communicating with potential exchange partners.
  2. Leave clear written instructions on how to use appliances, pet and plant care, trash disposal, etc. A phone number of someone who can help in case of problems with the house is very useful
  3. Make sure you leave a clean home for your exchange partners. Be guided by how you’d like to find the home you’ll stay in (no dust, no mold, clean empty fridge, etc.)
  4. Clear space in shelves and drawers in the bedrooms and bathrooms where guests can place their things
  5. Provide at least two towels per person and 2 sets of bed sheets per bed.
  6. Welcome your guests with a small gift, such as a bottle of wine, chocolates or local food
Jun 7, 2014

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