Photographing your home for home exchange

Great photos of your home will increase your chances of getting home exchange requests. Photos are the most important factor that will influence travelers choosing an exchange partner.

It is a good idea to invest a little planning and time making appealing photos of your home. Here are some helpful guidelines:

  • Remove clutter (clothes, papers and piles of stuff, personal items from the bathroom, close cabinet doors, toilet lids, etc.)
  • Open curtains and shutters and shoot your photos on a sunny day (don’t use a flash. Use a tripod if possible.
  • Photograph rooms from a corner to show more of the room.
  • Take pictures of all rooms (kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms ). Also include a photo of the front of the house or apartment building (late afternoon is the best time for softer shadows, with the sun on your back). Include photos of the backyard or balcony if any.
  • If your home has a great view don’t forget to include a picture. You can also add a view of your street.
  • If your car or bicycle are part of the exchange, include photos of them.
  • If you will require your guests to care for pets include a photo of them too. Think of what is special about your home (a nice balcony , a patio, a newly remodeled kitchen, a great bathtub, bookcases full of books to read or cds to play, etc.) and feature it. Also think of what you’d like to see about a home that you would swap yours for. Finally, when you’re considering a home for exchange you want the most information on it as possible, so, the more photos, the better.
Jun 9, 2014

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