Home exchange Dos and Don'ts

Politeness and consideration in dealing with potential home exchange partners are essential to a successful exchange experience. The key is to treat your partners the way you would like to be treated. Here are a few tips:

  • When you receive a message requesting a home exchange, do respond promptly, within a day or two, even if you are not interested. Do not leave people waiting for a response. It’s very impolite to ignore an exchange request.
  • Be honest in your home description. Misrepresenting your home will only lead to your exchange partner’s disappointment.
  • When preparing for an exchange, leave your home clean and tidy for your guests. Leave a little welcoming gift (some chocolates or a bottle of wine) and a little food for a bite when the travelers’ arrive.
  • Take care of their home as you expect them to take care of yours. And of course, at the end of your trip, leave a thank you note for your hosts and the house clean and organized. (You can discuss using a professional cleaning service with your exchange partners).
  • Once you have made an agreement for an exchange, do not cancel. Consider that once an exchange has been set, your partners have reserved plane tickets and tours which may be non-refundable. They have also probably made all sorts of other arrangements involving work and family. Only in case of serious illness, death in the family or injury, is a cancellation acceptable.
Jun 10, 2014

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