Ragusa, Italy

South Sicily home, magnificent view

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About Our Home
We have a very nice home in Ragusa, on the island of Sicily. The decoration is very contemporary (my daughter is an interior designer). The best part is the balcony. It overlooks the entire town -- just wonderful. In the evening you can relax there and enjoy the mediterranean air with a glass of wine. Ragusa is a very old historic town built towards a hill top. There are a lot of beautiful historical buildings in a spectacular landscape.
Plenty of restaurants serving delicious, authentic Sicilian cooking.
The entire island of Sicily is just lovely.

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  1. We are married and in our fifties. Our names are: Guido and Mariana.
  2. Guido organizes bus tours around Sicily and South Italy. Mariana is a housewife,
  3. We have travelled all over Europe and now we'd like to go to South America.

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We are very interested in home exchange. There are so many people around the world offering their houses. There so many choices. We're respectable people and we will be very careful with your home. Come stay in ours in Sicilia!