San Francisco, California, United States

Central San Francisco condo

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My apartment is bright and contemporary. It has a complete kitchen and it includes cleaning service. There is a gym on the ground floor that you are free to use (when staying in my place). The location of the apartment is great; very close to all San Francisco attractions and close to public transportation.

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Member since: Oct 2011
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destinations United States,  Canada
Close to one of the natural parks in North America
destinations Anytime

  About Us

  1. I am Gideon, single, 27 years old.
  2. I'm a free-lance journalist, a story teller, and a writer (short stories).
  3. I play in 2 local California bands, and love the outdoors, hiking and climbing.

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I've been reading about home exchange and it seems like an experience I'd like to try. So, I signed up for Stay4free. I would love to exchange my urban apartment for a place in a beautiful country setting, preferably close to national park.