Vinnytsia, Ukraine

Apartment in the center of the city

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About Our Home
I live in the beautiful picturesque place in the center of Vinnitsa, Ukraine. We have three rooms, kitchen, we live on the 8th floor, so you can enjoy beautiful landscape, it's also cool to see night city.

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Last summer we spent 10 days in The Netherlands, we were leaving in different apartments and houses, we saved at least 250 euros, we appreciate very very much hospitality of nice people whom we met during our trip

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17 - to 21 st of novermber we'll spend 5 days in Budapest

  About Us

  1. We are two friends, Vlad and Max, both are 27
  2. Vlad is a Head of Sales in the internet shop, Max is a teacher of foreign languages
  3. We are people who love to experience the world and meet new people, to enjoy life at it fullest and just to have fun and always smile no matter the weather of political situation

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We are not new to this, this summer we spent 10 days in the Netherlands leaving in other people's homes. Everyday it was another meeting and another apartment or house and we met so many nice people. It's obvious that people in Europe are so openminded and friendly, we didn't even expect to see such a hospitality. We send presents and greeting cards to every hostess or host who invited us to their house, so they will never forget travellers from Ukraine