Jerusalem, Israel

Apartment on ground floor Jerusalem

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About Our Home
Our home is in a beautiful, slighly hilly, rustic neighborhood in Jerusalem, with a small veranda. In the evening this is a great place to have dinner and relax. The house is open with high ceilings and pleasantly cool in the summers. It has 3 bedrooms and we have 4 beds. The kitchen has all the amenities you need: fridge, stove, microwave, coffee machine, toaster, etc. You will find plenty of fresh foods in the local stores with fruits, vegetables, cheeses, and wine. All are of very high quality.
Special Considerations
No special rules. We like you to take good care of our house.
Nearby: Caffe Bateatron, Colony, La Boca
Israel Museum, Archaeological Museum, Bible Lands Museum
The Old City, Temple Mount

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destinations Anywhere,  Netherlands,  United Kingdom,  France
We prefer these cities: Amsterdam, London, Paris, Berlin.
destinations Anytime
Very flexible. Up to 3 weeks.

  About Us

  1. Nathan and I, Hadessa, have been married for 2 years. My mother is 60 and will travel with us.
  2. Nathan has a small distribution business in fruits & nuts. I stay at home with my mother.
  3. We like to visit places like Amsterdam, London, and/or Paris.

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We have not travelled very much and we feel that the time is right to change this. To keep the costs down, we decided to try home-exchange. We have some friends that have great experience with home-exchange. Our favorite destinations are the big cities: Amsterdam, London, Paris, but also Berlin, Copenhagen, or Prague.