Tel Aviv, Israel

Close to beach in central Tel Aviv

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About Our Home
Our apartment is on the 6th floor in a building two blocks from the beach in Tel Aviv. The beach is popular and busy throughout the year. The apartment is medium sized, but with 3 bedrooms (1 large, 2 small) you can easily sleep 4 people). Everything you need is nearby, including stores, good restaurants, and an active nightlife. Israel itself is small, so you can be anywhere within a few hours. We have a small car that you are free to use. Public transportation is excellent in Isreal, so you may prefer that.
Special Considerations
Our apartment takes little or no maintenance. The shared laundry place is downstairs.
Rothschilds Kitchen for seafood, definitely take a look at Jaffa Bar.
For example Radio EPGB. Nightlife can be a bit crazy in Tel Aviv.
Lot's of shopping in Tel Aviv. Anywhere around the beach and city centre.
Eretz Israel Museum is nice
Beach: sailing, surfing, fishing, etc
We suggest you visit other places in Israel, including Jerusalem, Haifa, Nazareth, Bethlehem, Eilat, Dead Sea, etc.

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  Our Dream Trip

destinations Anywhere,  Argentina,  Uruguay,  Brazil
Possibly multiple places in South America
destinations Anytime
Anytime in 2012, 2013

  About Us

  1. Hello there, we are Yonatan (27 years) and Navah (26 years).
  2. We recently finished our studies and completed the mandatory army. Before starting a family we wish to travel the world.
  3. We like to visit interesting places (cities, nature) and beautiful, unusual landscapes.

  Personal Message

Yonatan completed his university degree in Electrical Engineering. Navah has only a few weeks left on her studies as a Radiology Tech. In 2012 and perhaps 2013 we like to travel the world and visit several places in South America -- if possible through a combination of home swaps (or exchanges). Our flat is near the beach and will be available all throughout 2012, so any time you wish to swap may work (if no other home-exchange partners are in the house). We look forward to several...