Timișoara, Romania

Old-style house,multiple apartments

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My 1-room apartment (29 sqm) is part of a 90-years old house, together with other 6 apartments. It has a big but common shared garden, with lawn, trees, benches and terrace. I have a grill in the courtyard which barbecue-lovers can use. I have a storage room on the level above my apartment. My apartment was completely remodeled in 2010: a new full-equipped kitchen with big & small appliances; a (very efficient) heating system running on natural gas; the bathroom was split in two smaller rooms (service bath + shower & laundry bath: dishwasher + washing machine); new windows. The room is used as bedroom at night, living room and office during the day. The place is ideal for couples. My place is situated on the shore of Bega River (there is a cycle track on the shore all around the city!), 10 minutes walk from the downtown Timisoara, restaurants, libraries, convenience stores and pharmacy near by. There is a parking lot outside the house. Bicycle available.

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  1. For now, I will be travelling myself.
  2. I work in Food Retailing and I follow a Bachelor in Marketing.
  3. On my free time I love to travel, couch surf, taste new foods, discus life with people and, of course, enjoy my youth / nightlife when possible.

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All-around friendly person, I am an altruist by nature. I've been raised in a Christian family and although years go by, that is still the foundation I live on. I love live music, I’m a rock fan actually. I also love books, movies, walking on the shores and travelling by train, but most of all I enjoy having conversations. My current mission, together with school & work, is to meet new people and listen to their life stories. You can also find me on Couchsurfing.com, if you are just passing by...