Harare, Zimbabwe

Beautiful Home and flat

Apartment 4 2 1
optional rent
$100 / night
$300 / week
$1200 / month
About Our Home
we have just an ordinary way of life out here our houses and flats are very nice and well looked after. Everything is in usable condition.

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destinations Anywhere,  Panama,  United States,  Canada
I love travel so anything for me
destinations Anytime,   May 31, 2015 - Oct 31, 2015
I am free any time any place

  About Us

  1. I am a mother of 3 big kids and 2 grand kids
  2. I do sales and marketing
  3. I enjoy my life to the fullest and love to meet different people

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we are new to this but a first is better then nothing so please feel free with me and know everything is in good hands