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i work in Zhuoyue English College as an English teacher here. Now i am in charge of volunteers program in our college. Our college is located in Yulong River Scenic Area. You can see many beautiful mountains and green water. Yangshuo is world famous. You can feel the fresh air and peaceful atmosphere. There are all kinds of outdoor activities for you to take part in, such as going rockclimbing, swimming, hiking, kayaking, cycling, taking bamboo-rafting etc. i think it is well worth visiting. i am sure it will be your unforgettable memory. Probably you will choose to come back. There are so many foreigners coming here every year.

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  1. i am an easygoing, optimistic, warm-hearted English teacher.
  2. i am very good at singing and teaching Chinese Calligraphy and Chinese.
  3. i love to make friends. i love reading and some out-door activities. i can speak very fluent English. My major is English education.,

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Our college is very famous in Yangshuo. Many students come here to learn English because there are many foreigners here. We need volunteers badly all the time who can speak good English and very happy to help students to improve their oral English. You can also know more culture about China from the talk with the adult students here who are very brillant and successful.