Tartu, Estonia

City center apartment (WIFI, sauna)

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A private bedroom in a centrally located apartment with all the main attractions a 5-15 minute walking distance away. This listing is for my private bedroom and is only available when I am not there myself. The bedroom is a room in a 3-room apartment in a newly built house. The bed is perfect for one but accommodates up to two people if needed. I can also provide comfortable mattresses for up to two additional people. Pillows, blankets and towels are also available if asked for in advance. The other room of the apartment is a large living room and the third room is another bedroom, which might sometimes be occupied by my flatmate. During your stay, you can also use the main living room, which has WIFI internet, a huge window, a fireplace (wood for the fireplace can be found on the balcony), a gym corner, a library of coffee table books ((website hidden)) and a collection of boardgames ((website hidden)). There is a terrace in front of the living room with a patch of lawn right next to it. I can also give you the key so can come and go as you wish. The bathroom has a washing machine, electric floor heating and a mini-sauna with a bathtub, a jacuzzy, a regular shower, a programmable massage shower and coloured LED lighting. In the kitchen the guests can use a roomy refrigerator with a freezer, a microwave oven, a toaster, a steamer, a water boiler and a ceramic stove with a programmable electric oven. Since the house is situated near the edge of a hill, the kitchen and its glass-walled balcony also offer a picturesque view of the city below. A parking lot is available for your vehicle. Parking is free, access to the parking lot is protected by a gate with a keycode and the parking lot offers the best view in Tartu. If you wish, we can also make a separate arrangement for the use of my car, which you could use to tour the city or explore the countryside nearby. Same goes for my two bicycles, which is actually the preferred method of exploring Tartu if you want to go beyond just the centre. The fenced and secure yard around the house is lit and although the house is situated almost in the middle of the city, it is away from noisy traffic and offers peace and quiet almost 24/7. The only sounds you will hear are the singing of birds and you it is even possible to meet squirrels and hedgehogs near the house. All the important places in the centre of the town are just a 5-15 minute walking distance away from the house. The bus stop is 50 meters, pub Krooks 200 meters, the Tartu University main building 400 meters, pub Zavood 500 meters, the Town Hall square 800 meters and Emajõgi (the river) 900 meters away from the house. I'd be happy to show you the nightlife in Tartu, help you meet local people and can take you to almost any nightclub for free if you wish. Guest Access The guests will have access to a gated parking lot with free parking (the code of the gate is 7531), the main guest room, the kitchen, the bathroom, the balcony and my private bedroom. The other private bedroom will not be accessible since there is where my flatmate lives. Interaction with Guests The Neighborhood Although the flat is a centrally located, it is a very nice, quiet and picturesque neighbourhood with lots of 100+ years old wooden houses everywhere (many of them protected as part of national heritage). Right next to the house is the only Catholic school in Tartu and across the street is the only Catholic church. Towards the centre, the beautiful university main building, the Town Hall and the Town Hall square are just a 5-10 minute walking distance away and the nearby Rüütli street comes alive with the most popular pubs and bars in Tartu during the night. Getting around All the main attractions are a 5-15 minute walking distance away, so you probably won't need any transport if you stay in the centre. I personally prefer a bicycle for my day-to-day business and since I have two, I can rent you one for cheap, so you can use it to extend your coverage. If you are interested in shopping, then the Lõunakeskus shopping centre is the biggest in Tartu and located a 15 minute bicycle ride way.
The main nightclubs are a short walking distance aaway

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