Esfahan, Iran

Hotel California

House 10 2 1
optional rent
$10 / night
$50 / week
$200 / month
About Our Home
Private Room In my house there is 2 rooms for traveler If we have more than 2 traveler you must share your room otherwise you have private room. We have 2 bed for traveler and we have lot of pillows and blankets and quilts. Also if you want you can sleep on sofa and in summer you can sleep in yard. ROOMMATE SITUATION Amir (my friend)is your roommate in other word amir is home's owner WHAT I CAN SHARE WITH GUESTS In my home there is Separate Quilte, Pillows and Blankets. Also in my home you can use : tv, dvd player, lot of card for playing, backgammon board, refrigerator, oven for cooking , lot of Shisha for smoking Also you can use toilet and bathroom

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  1. My real name is : mehrdad abedi Cupae
  2. I am adventurous and Energetic and a little Serious. I am Playing poker , drinking Vodka , driving madly , smoking Marlboro , enjoying sex and doing some sin .
  3. I am in trip whole of my Life. I think Life is trip.

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I hope both of us have good holiday also you can go to my home no need pay any rent or exchange home my cellphone is +989174080050 for contact