Kars, Turkey


Apartment 1 2 1
optional rent
TL9 / night
TL39 / week
TL149 / month
About Our Home
my home is 1 room 1 kitchen 1 bathroom with furnitures. its in city center. Visitors will stay there freely since i dlive in another house.

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Member since: Jan 2015
Availability:   Depends on the offer
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we had korean, indonesian visitors before in my hometown Niğde (in Cappadocia). My parents and grandpa live there so you can stay there as well if you ld like.

  Our Dream Trip

destinations Anywhere,  Korea,  Morocco,  Russia
not only these 3, we would like to see all over the world indeed...
destinations Anytime

  About Us

  1. i am married and have a lovely little daughter
  2. we love to travel and meet nice people on abroad
  3. if i would be free i can guide visitors in all part of Turkey

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hi, we are new here but not in travelling. We are kind og travelholic and love to explore new countries and places. And we like to meet new people and believe that native guides makes travels better. We are trustable people so u can leave us some of ur properties to care. And we would like to carry you with our car if we had free time.