Guadalajara, Mexico

Nice family house to share

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About Our Home
This house was my grandpa´s home. Is still in the way to be renoved and adecuated, is near to downtown (15 minutes taking the bus), has near two open markets (we call tianguis) one on monday just in the corner and the other 5 block away on friday. Is a big house but has only 2 rooms, the principal and another in the patio where the laundry service is (yep in the same room). In the patio just renovated like 6 months ago we have 3 little trees and a lot of space to chill while the day. One of the best things the neighborhood has is that almost everything is near the airport is like 30 minutes from home, the bus station like 20, principal avenues are crossing the corners, Tlaquepaque is just 25 minutes away taking the public transport 3 blocks to the right, Tonalá is like 40 minutes taking public transport just in the corner! and to go to Tequila you must take a bus and in 1hour 30 you´ll be there. Cheers anyone.
Special Considerations
Even this site supose to be for exchange i can´t exchange at all the house, but undoubtly could give you one of the restrooms, share kitchen, dining hall and living room for free. The rules are so easy, contact me 1 month before you want to come to Guadalajara, stay drugs free, keep out the troubles or problems and that´s it!
Little India
Downtown, Plaza del Sol, Plaza Fiesta Arboledas, Plaza las Torres
Regional Museum, Downtown, Chapultepec Avenue
Tres Arcangeles Park, Rehilete Alcalde Park, Downtown, Tlaquepaque, Tonalá, Tlajomulco, Zapopan
4 Catholic Churches

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