Tehran, Iran

Medium beautiful family home@North

Apartment 3 3 1
About Our Home
Our home is located in a good part of the city with every transportation available within 5 minutes! groceries and gym is nearby as well. unfortunately the bedrooms aren't available for guests but we have 3 comfortable bed sofas in the living room with good conditioning.

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Member since: Feb 2015
Availability:   Depends on the offer
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  Our Dream Trip

destinations Anywhere,  Italy,  France,  Russia
Or anywhere else !
destinations Anytime
Late February and July to September is perfect for us!

  About Us

  1. I'm an elecrical engineering student living with my family :)
  2. I've been to Australia , Malaysia , Indonesia and Dubai
  3. My whole family speaks English

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I'm new to this and really like to do a exchange.