Lopătari, Romania

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Villa 10 4 3
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€200 / night
€1000 / week
€2200 / month
About Our Home
Brick construction S + P + E covers Lindab, completed in 2007. The building is sloping, allowed the execution of a cantilevered terraces, large effect on the ground floor with access to the living room with fireplace and oak ceiling beams + open American kitchen .Downstairs there is also a welcome guest room + 1 bedroom + bathroom. On the lower level, improperly called basement, terrace grill is where we enter cuisine. Also on this level is about 30 pantry mp + technological space: wood heating, electric central heating, boiler thermal electric water pump and water buffer tank. Upstairs - 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms 1 balcony serving 2 of dormitoare.Tamplaria strong glazed allowing ample views to the magnificent scenery around is of oak windows. Interior finishes: tiles, flooring tiles (the best quality) + gas concrete walls. Exterior: pavers plywood, plywood river stone (flue apparent front) and stone nummulite from Pietroasele (+ exterior stairs paths for different accesses), gas concrete exterior walls. There septic tank wastewater.Access to both car and pedestrian, is directly from paved county road. Landmarks near: living fires, mud volcanoes, lakes and Meledic Mocearu, Salt Mountain, Bottomless Cave, Plaiurile Bisoca and others.

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  1. We Bucharest family vacation home in Lopatari Buzau Mountains
  2. jan-engineer and Stefania - economist
  3. wish to travel but prefer renting or selling property in Lopatari

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Lopatari villa, situated in a beautiful mountain area but less known in Romania, is available especially during the spring-summer-autumn, you can go sightseeing in the area. The villa can be rented or sold for a price corect.Pentru photos and details email request to: dragu_jan@yahoo.com