Koziegłowy, Poland

Single room 10 min from Poznań

Apartment 2 2 1
optional rent
zł50 / night
zł300 / week
zł800 / month
About Our Home
My flat is situated in Koziegłowy which is a province of Poznań. To get to the city center of Poznań it takes 10 minutes by car and 20 minutes by bus. Poznań's public transport is connected with the place I leave, there are also night buses each 30 minutes. My flight is placed 3 minutes from bus stop. Although my flat is located in a city area, there is also a forest 200 meters from the building in which I live. Currently I live with my friend from high school. Right now he is 25 and he is really nice and easy going. :) I can offer you my bedroom and a big bed inside. :) Also I have an additional mattress for 2 people.

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  1. My name is Ola and I am 24 years old.
  2. I have just finished my studies and now I would love to learn new languages.
  3. I love travelling, salsa, Spain (!!!) and meeting new people. :)

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Hello! I am Ola and I am 24 years old. I have finished my studies and right now I would love to go to Spain and learn Spanish there. However Spanish lesson+accomodation+flight tickets+full board... It's not possible for me to pay all of these things. So if you could offer me your flat or even help me to find a job in Spain it would be great, cause it would help me develop my language skills, learn more salsa and make my dreams come true! :)