Amman, Jordan

beautiful house with an easy acess

Building/Loft 4 2 2
About Our Home
Our house is located in Amman, at al gardenes area not far from the main street which is one of the most active streets in Amman, our home is a good access to every place, also it is in a family friendly neighborhood a 5 minute walk will get you to the bus station with direct access to downtown, also 15 minutes walk will get you to the University of Jordan. you can shop all your needs near the house because there is Amman Mall 5 minutes walking, also there is a small shopping area near to it We have a nice small garden surrounding the house, were you can sit to enjoy the sun, or have a BBq. as will as a play ground for the kids which is 2 minutes walking
Special Considerations
No smoking inside the house, only in the balcony.
Remini (Italian pizza)
City Mall
Cultural museum ( in side the University of Jordan)
petra and dead sea
Al Rwainbow street: it will lead you to all places
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  1. We are couple my husband is 42 and I'm 36, we have been married since 2004, having a 6 year old girl and a 5 year old boy.
  2. My husband Rabee owns a small company, I stop working since getting married.
  3. We enjoy travel to see new cultures, smell fresh air and most important to spent time together as a family and watch our kids playing

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In our opinion its not only a house exchange but this idea allow a lot of people to exchange culture and knowledge because it make you feel that you are part of the society. Be assured that we are responsible and well-organized and are going to take care of your property as if it is ours.