Warsaw, Poland

Lovely apartment in central Warsaw

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Hello, I have a lovely modern 2-room apartment close to central Warsaw. It is located in a beautiful old military fort scenery. The forts were renovated a while ago so there is a marvelous park around (for jogging, biking, walking) where you can relax, it is just at the door step of my apartment. :) Inside there is a kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom and a storage/washing roome. I have also a small tarrace with little garden, perfect to sit in the sun or have a weekend BBQ! There is parking lot outside and the whole area has got its own secuirty system (cameras and guards) so you can really feel comfortable and safe leaving your car even for longer periods.
Special Considerations
I have pets (cat and a dog) so if you are alergic I would recommend consulting your doctor first.
three shopping centers near by, including the biggest center in Central Europe
park outside the apartment

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