Mbombela, South Africa

A spacious, lovely apartment

Apartment 4 3 2
About Our Home
The home has 3 bedrooms (one is a study) and a balcony and a large loft room (it is basically empty) with its own balcony. The apartmet has a lovey view and is very comfortable.
Special Considerations
No smoking please. Complex is very quiet and loud parties and noise at odd hours is discouraged. Trees outside the balconies and a little bit of grass. No pets allowed in complex. You will need a vehicle as public transport is scarce and the complex is high up the hill. There is parking for a vehicle.
Stefano's, Zest, many more!!!
Two shopping malls and many places around Nelspruit
Golf, tennis, bowls, horse riding
Lots and lots: Kruger, Bourke's Luck potholes, Kaapsehoop, Pilgrim's Rest, God's Window, etc
Special Events
Constantly changes: cultural music, food, charities, etc.
Kruger and Kaapsehoop

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  Our Dream Trip

destinations Anywhere,  Italy,  Ireland
Any - if a small town where I can meet people, even the better.
destinations Anytime
Summer in Europe: not longer than 3 weeks

  About Us

  1. I live alone in an apartment overlooking the city and mountains in the distance
  2. I am a manager at a large manufacturing company
  3. I love travelling, seeing historical building and places, especially Europe (Italy)

  Personal Message

I have not done a simultaneous home exchange yet, but have hosted people and in turn looked after homes and animals whilst they have been able to take a break. Rest assured that I take care of other's property very well and tend to their animals with love and care. I no longer have pets and this is my way to enjoy their company. Please visit South Africa - I will gladly exchange with you, especially in Italy.