South Jakarta, Indonesia

Micro Apartment

Apartment 3 2 1
optional rent
€40 / night
€200 / week
€700 / month
About Our Home
Our micro appartment is functions like a convenience shelter for us. Am a single mother and working, with 2 lovely kids lives Jakarta city just for living and typically spends weekend in the real suburb city near Jakarta. small kitchen inside can give you experience to cook, one mini bathroom with shower can ensure your fressness and keep you fit. A shopping centre down stair can get you access to food, books, coffee, and other consumers goods you need. My purpose join stay for free is to allow people travelling everywhere, feel the real local experience, and meet their budget. I respect a harmony in differences and responsibility is about people's value. So to let me feel welcome every I want to be.. i just make do to people I suppose.

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Member since: Mar 2015
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  Our Dream Trip

destinations Anywhere,  Germany,  Norway,  Czech Republic
destinations Anytime

  About Us

  1. Single mom working, with 2 kids
  2. I'm working in the area of sustainable development join for some international organization
  3. I enjoy meet people from different country, share story, food, and wine

  Personal Message

I am nice and friendly.. take a full responsibility in a good way. I believe I can be one you can trust to manage my stay at your place, I am trustworthy