Beach House 3b/1b north shore Peru

House 6 3 1
optional rent
$180 / night
$1000 / week
$3000 / month
About Our Home
We live on a beautiful beach on the north shore of Peru close to ecuador. Close to a known beach town called mancora 30 mins away. our beach is called Canoas, great place, we have a swiming pool, and a delicious restobar, for anything you might need. In our restaurant there is a big tv with cable tv for who ever wants to use it. We also have games and books free of charge.
La oveja negra at Waltako
Cancas El siar
Surf in mancora
Turtle swimming in el Ñuro
At the hostal

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  Our Dream Trip

destinations Anywhere,  United States,  Japan,  Thailand
California, venice beach, san fransisco, colorado.
destinations Anytime,   Jan 3, 2016 - Mar 1, 2016
We already have tickets from Jan 3rd till March 1st

  About Us

  1. We are a couple, rodrigo is 46 im 35 and our daughter Jade is 11 years old.
  2. We live on a beautiful beach hostal.
  3. we enjoy the outdoors, surf, animals, life, bike riding and travel.

  Personal Message

We are looking to travel thru this website find people with similar interest. We speak spanish, and english. Vanessa and Jade speak portuguese too. We own a hostal so that tells you how responsible we are. Worked hard for everything so we take care of everything, just like if it where ours. Do as you like to be done with you thats how we think. having services where we are located its much more expensive and hard to get, like water, we buy water, power sometimes with the rain the power...