Embrun, Canada

Quaint Suburban Lifestyle !

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We have a beautiful 3 level house where guests will be treated to their own room, access to Wifi / Kitchen and Laundry service and yes i'm very athletic so expect to be provided with some sporting entertainment

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Got to stay in England while i was travelling across the UK . Residents were very nice and very welcoming. hoping to share the generosity and enthusiasm !

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destinations Anywhere,  Sweden,  Finland,  Norway
All the Major cities of European Countries
destinations Anytime

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  1. A 3rd year criminology student at the University of Ottawa
  2. Work as a property manager
  3. I love to travel and soak up all the cultures from around the world

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Hey guys I'ma little new but by spirit for adventure is truly great! I want to get to know everyone from everywhere and experience everything life has to offer. In addition I would love to host some of you guys and show you all the amenities Canada has to offer!