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My house is a big country - family house with two layer ,I have 5 bed rooms,1 big bath romm ,kitchen,toilet . It will give you a comfortable circumstence ,. By the way. I am a student, this year ,I just want to make some friends, I am free for vacation, I living in my hometown now . You can jion us to enjoy the Chinese New Year,country views ,traditional Chinese local food ,the most important, I am a good friend . All you need is contact me as soon as possible,you need to do nothing but carry your luggage, and I don't think it is really important for you to exchange your house for me , I choose to stay to enjoy my vacation. FREE SAFE WARM COMFORT MAKE FRIENDS
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I will stay ,that is different from the usually exchange. I just want to have more friends to share my life/vacation, you can share my vacation , that is the most important. You can do everyting you want ,I will be your guide in my place.

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