Montreal, Canada

near the botanical gardens

Apartment 2 2 1
About Our Home
Great view of the Olympic stadium.tree outside.On a quiet street.In a family friendly neighbourhood.Near stores.Short bus trip to jean talon market.
Special Considerations
No smokeing and no meat.No kids in my home please-but babies are o.k.Looking for someone who is clean and will not move anything around. Someone who puts back the book they found where they found it.I am a animal rights activist and environmentalist. I have a cat. I have plants. I am not sure of parking but would rather you park away from the building.Parking might be a issue.
multi cultural and quebecois
botanical gardens and Olympic stadium
bread store on beubien street,shopping mall(10 min. walk)
botanical gardens
olympic stadium

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destinations Anywhere,  Netherlands,  United Kingdom,  France
Amsterdam, Paris, London, Bristol(England),Scotland(anywhere)
destinations Anytime
I am flexible with dates. I want to come to Europe April 1st-I can also stay in May.

  About Us

  1. I am a artist and fashion designer
  2. I love to travel especially to new york city
  3. I am a vegan and activist

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Hi, I have a cat.I am a very creative and artistic artist who usually travels on a budget. I love animals which is one of the reasons I do not eat them. I love cats and dogs.I am into holistic health.I have a fine art my photo art and paintings hanging on my wall. I love nature and the outdoors. I have many hobbies including writing songs, stories and poetry. I am working on a book of my life experiences. I am a beginner driver. Currently I am unmarried with no children.I am self employed.My...