Budapest, Hungary

Lovely flat in the city centre

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About Our Home
Our house was bulid around 1950,but the flat is completly modern. Everything is valuable, 2 minutes walk will get you to the metro station with direct access to downtown. Next to my home have mini market,bars. In the area have a big mall with many shops. The flat is not so big and i share it with my flat-mate. But you can use the kitchen and the bathroom and you have an own,small and lovely room.

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  1. I am a 20 years old full of happines-girl
  2. Study as a pharmacist
  3. Love traveling,make new friendship and know other culture/foods

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I have a flat mate,but she is kind,friendly and smart. No pets, and no smoke inside. (outside you can!) I never swapped before..... so Im excited!! :)