Saltillo, Mexico

Little family looking for traveling

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About Our Home
Is a very cosy place for relax, nice living room and dinning room area, equiped kitchen and big back yard (enought for party); two bedrooms and a garage. The bathroom has all the services (hot water, cold water...) No kids allowed.
Special Considerations
There is one person who will be visiting the house once or twice a week for some minutes, just to make sure that everything is ok about your staying :)
La Canasta, Don Artemio, El mesón principal, Mercado Juárez
La Mansión, Rush bar, Salamandra (gay bar, just in case)
Liverpool, Galerias mall, Sendero mall, downtown.
Musea de las aves, Museo del desierto
Streets and parks
Cultural, bussines
Special Events
Rock fest and Recreative rute (in downtown)
Close to everything in Saltillo

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Summer and Christmas

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  1. I am 21 and my mom 50, looking for some traveling experiences.
  2. I am an engineer student.
  3. My mom is a teacher at a college

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Looking for a place for discovering a new culture, relaxing, scape away from the routine for some weeks. Responsable and well, if you want to discover Northwest Mexico this is your chance.