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About Our Home
A double bedroom and a twin bedroom are part of hospitality school facility. Most of the time the room is empty and we think why don't we give them to traveler to stay. Students will look after the room as part of they daily practice. Bath room is provided next to the room. We designed the facilities similar to 3-star hotel. However, the rest facilities are shared with student dormitory such as dining room, kitchen, TV and reading room. Room can accommodate up to 5 persons. There is a mall close to premises so easy to find your need from food, cloth, laundry etc even a night club. Any request can be arranged so don't hesitate to reach me at (email replaced)
Special Considerations
We expect guest(s) could share their time with student since they are expected to be working in English speaking and multinational environment such as cruise ship, international hotel and restaurant industry, airlines/aviation industry etc. Basically they need to meet as many as possible people from around the world. Since the room inside campus, smoking only allowed in designated area, no alcohol and drugs allowed and please consider level of noise from the room. Bandung is famous with food, fashion, historical building, cool climate unlike most tropical cities, dutch heritage city, several museums, nightlife and also known as creative city. The students are happy to give you city tour guide as part their training or just company to explore the city with low budget expenses in transport and meal. Any request can be arranged so don't hesitate to reach me at (email replaced)
Lucky Square Mall
Alcatraz Night Club
Lucky Square Mall
Geologi Museum

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  1. Working at a Hospitality School
  2. Enjoy meeting with new people sharing many things
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When I was living in Britain people there very helpful and welcome. Now my turn to become good host for foreign traveler around the world.