Richmond Hill, Canada

2 Bedroom 2 Bath Condo near Toronto

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About Our Home
I offer a spacious, modern 2 bedroom condominium just north of Toronto. The master bedroom, with full en-suite bath, has a queen-sized bed and a sitting area. The second bedroom is the office, with a Quad 4 PC, high speed internet, laser printer, scanner and wireless connection. In the living room, there is a comfortable queen sized sofa-bed, a High Definition TV, stereo, CD & DVD players, & Tape Deck. The guest bath is also full-sized. The kitchen offers stainless steel appliances; a new stove with convection oven, bottom-freezer fridge, dishwasher, slow cooker, coffee maker, induction cook-top and microwave. Laundry room (Samsung HE washer & dryer) is also en-suite. The dining room has a teak dining set. The large 7th floor terrace (about 60 sq. meters - 625 sq. feet), overlooks the town of Richmond Hill to the west, and the CN Tower in Toronto to the south. In summer, I enjoy having friends over for a barbecue and maintaining the garden. The glass-topped patio table seats 6 comfortably. The condo itself has an outdoor pool (summer only), and tennis courts. Indoor facilities include a gym, sauna, whirlpool, squash court, billiards room and library/TV room. Access to the building is by electronic secure pass-key. The condo does not allow dogs. I would also offer exchange of my automobile, a Toyota Prius hybrid (very economical on gas), with a Garmin GPS system.
Special Considerations
No smoking please. Plant care required.
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My favourite exchange was with a lovely family in London, a few minutes walk from Tower Bridge. They came to Canada for special fertility treatments, and now have a lovely daughter. For the last few years, after every European exchange, I've made sure I can stop over for a few days in London to see them once again.

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  1. I am a single, 70 year old male.
  2. a retired adult teacher
  3. enjoy theatre, photography and travel.

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I've been to about 50 different countries in my travels, living in New Zealand and Australia in the 60s. (I've been back several times since; loved it!) I have just completed my 8th exchange in Portugal. I've also exchanged in Yorkshire (UK), London, Washington D.C., The Netherlands, Western Australia, Prague, and northern Italy. I am a dedicated non-smoker and will have a glass of wine or a beer now and then. I am confident that I will care for your home as I do my own.