Houston, Texas, United States

Cozy home, suburban Houston, Texas

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About Our Home
All remodeled home: new couches in living room; remodeled bath and new toilet; new tile floor; new bed. filters in both showers; water filter in kitchen sink for drinking water. There is plenty of basil, thyme, parsley and two tomato plants in the garden and you are very welcome to help yourself.
Special Considerations
No smoking and no pets.
About 10 minutes North up the street there are many, many restaurants.

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Summer is best

  About Us

  1. My family consists of my older sister, mom and uncle.
  2. My mom is an elementary school teacher.
  3. We would like to trade homes during the summer, when my mom is on vacation.

  Personal Message

My uncle takes care of the house and will stay at our home during the exchange. He is quit and keeps to him self.