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About Our Home
My lovely room is beside Tunghai University, Taiwan's most beautiful,with convenient living within walking distance. Provide a 125cc motorcycle to anywhere. My room is on 3rd floor,entire only girls stay,occasional male visitor. There is a clean Bathroom with showers,double latex Beds,Spacious work desk and Wifi . Simple cooking equipment and mini washing machine in the balcony. The most important thing is ventilation and lighting was Very good ! Suitable for long-term residents. If you are willing to live with my cat, he will will be your best partner.
Special Considerations
No smoking in the room ,Balcony will be the good place to enjoy. Try not to start the air-conditioning ,Because electricity is very expensive. If you promise to take care of my cat, as far as possible to treat his heart and clean.
Taiwan has the cheapest and the best Food in any place
Taichung, night life is quite rich, often Ms. Free, 15 minutes by car
Night Market is full of fine cheap jewelry, Shopping center is also fairly easy to arrive.
National Museum of Art, Arts District ,in 30 min to go
Everywhere the beautiful night view, To Taipei's traffic is very convenient and cheap
Tunghai University has the best view and Academic atmosphere
Special Events
Mazu pilgrimage in nearby towns
Tunghai University's Chinese language courses can be electives

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  1. I study literature at university, so the success of the mountain of literature in the room
  2. I'm a responsible adult. I will take excellent care of your home and plant or pet.
  3. I care about the quality of life, so the room are small but well-equipped

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This is the one to want peace of mind to experience life in Taiwan for alone girl (Or two) You can study Chinese in Tunghai University and get good care of the school and my enthusiastic friend. I often travel alone, but also enjoy the home life, Would you want to share my beautiful little nest?