Godøya, Norway

Norwegian west coast

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About Our Home
Basement flat in house at the island of Alnes, close to the city of Aalesund. Beautiful island scenery, 1 hour drive to Norways deepest fjord. Geiranger.
Special Considerations
No rules, just be decent :)
Aalesund is half an hour boatride away, 45 min. by car.
fishing, hiking
Alnes fyr, mountain walks.

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  1. Happily married, calm 79-model.
  2. Works Offshore as an AB.
  3. Travel, see new places and people is my favourite hobby :)

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Got a classy spacious farm at the island of Alnes, at the coast of Norway. Its a beautiful small fishingvillage, just 200 souls. Good posibilities to burrow a boat and try your luck fishing, aswell as hike the mountain and fish in the lake up there. Alnes is just half an hour from the city of Aalesun and not far from the famous fjords of Geiranger. I got no pictures on this laptop, so google - Alnes, Aalesund and Geiranger, than you will get the idea :)