Shanghai, China

there is a lot of the bus stop

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I live in the central of Shanghai, with very convinent public transportation.,My houses an apartment with two bedrooms, two bathroom ,one book room and a kitchen.. We have a few kitchen things and a dining room set., There is a shower in the bathroom..You will come to live with me for some days. there is a lot of the bus stop and four Underground station

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  1. e.g: We are a couple in our 60's .
  2. e.g: chen works for piano .Co and huifang is a Publishing house retirement
  3. e.g: We enjoy travel, wine, good food, and learning about local cultures

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e.g: We have one home exchange 。 home exchange has been a 'life-altering' experience. Please be assured that we are responsible and well-organized, and we are going to take care of your property as if it is ours.