Bangalore, India

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About Our Home
We are a couple working in Bangalore, our home maybe small but it is definitely beautiful, airy and comfy, And as we both belong to others parts of India we are open to sharing our other houses with you as well. Other destinations being Goa and Bombay. We are both avid travellers and hence are open to helping you out with only pleasant and comfortable homes in various parts of our elaborate country we also offer you with our lifestyle. All homes are smack at the city centres with great access to public transport.
Special Considerations
Water my pots in Bangalore. Have a Blast in Goa. Be safe in Bombay
too many to mention----in all three destinations

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  Our Dream Trip

destinations Anywhere,  France,  Italy,  Netherlands
a little detailed planed trip for April- May 2013, after that anywhere anytime.
destinations Anytime

  About Us

  1. We are a Couple Dating for the past 4 years to be married in april 2013
  2. Craig is a senior copywriter and iam an architect
  3. we both are avid travellers, love food, love life love each other and we promise you will love India.

  Personal Message

We have never actually exchanged our home before,but have been in circles of people who have and it has always been a fascinating experience and way to learn more.We are infact planning to backpack through Europe for our honeymoon during April and May 2013 and intend to make it as memorable and local as possible, hence the idea of asking the accepting for their homes and inturn we promise the most exciting holiday for you in India.