Lexington, Kentucky, United States

nice apartment big ceilings chill

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optional rent
$45 / night
$250 / week
$500 / month
About Our Home
My apartment is very chill. There is many different accomodations including washer and dryer. We have many different things around our place on Richmond Rd.

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  1. relaxing guy. I am not here much. I work all the time at the hospital as a nurse.
  2. I am very chill about what is done around here.
  3. Please make sure to pick up your mess and there is a good kitchen. I have a cat.

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I am a very chill person. I get along with everyone. I dont want beligerent drunks in my place destroying everything. Me and my wife are on a seperation right now and I am trying to find myself. I am traveling alot since I'm off 4 days a week so its pretty much free.