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Its a single bed all alone in a location. No disturbance gurantee privacy... do respect guys! There are two toilets in the house. You'll definitely have either a room to yourself or at the very least a mattress to yourself.There is one bedroom with two single beds in it and another bedroom with mattresses that can be used to sleep on. There are plenty of pillows and bedsheets to spare. Apart from a couch, theres an extra bedroom(with beds!) and a bunch of extra mattresses/pillows/bedsheets etc. I live in a nice area of town called koramangala in a appartment on my own. I do not smoke often but am not opposed to smoking although it is preferable that smoking is outside the house. There are a bunch of nice bars and restaurants within walking distance. I working during the week, I have to travel every month in a year during which I do not host. I generally sleep late if I'm not out hanging with couchsurfers and other friends. I'm attempting to create a couchsurfing commune in Bangalore at this house so you may find that you are not the only couchsurfer at my place. Too many days should be self-evident. If you're sending multiple requests in Bangalore, odds are you're sending it to people I know. Therefore if you're cutting and pasting the same request, there is a good chance that you will not be accepted. A couchrequest should be as specific as possible, but more importantly, something I want to read. Your request must show me that you can get along in my place(Because of the following things etc in my profile) and become part of the CS family here. Generalized requests show a lack of effort,the effort is really required to make couchsurfing an active evolving community.
within 100 meters you get all good Restaurants
happening place in bangalore
perfect place
have to travel a bit out skirts
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