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Iran is a nice and traditional places, This apt is on the center of the capital city of Iran meaning Tehran,in 5th floor with elevator with not so good view but you can find any kind things from naighbor of them,and have 2 bed room and 2 bathroom and 1 kitchen near balcony with good light in day, The place is at one of the traditional places of Tehran,we will help and guide you when want to coming to Tehran and 45 min to airport (non-international)for going to other Iran's cities,1 hour from intl airport with some slow traffic but traffic is a part of my culture :).we invite u to be if its is once eastern experience,
Near at Qazvin square. We will guide you and intruduce all at comin time.

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  1. I am 25 living with my family and like trip and travels to spain and austria or any placesu can find more at "(link replaced) of the world
  2. We are 3 brother,honestly and likly and warm people,iranian invitation is the heading of the IRAN report :)u can find more at "(link replaced)
  3. I like all people cause we think all peoples have good think, u can find more at" (link replaced)

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