The Hague, The Netherlands

The Hague, Holland. Near North Sea.

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We love life, and we love exploring different cultures. We traveled a lot in Europe and now ready to get to know other parts of this beautiful world. We accept people as they are, because everyone in beautiful it its own way Our home is on the ground floor with a small backyard and one lovely cat. We are near all the main museums, the park, the concert halls, the city centre; everything within walkings distance. The beach is 15 minutes by bike. Car is optional. Germany and Belgium is a two hours drive away. The Hague is a nice and relaxed city where our government is seated and has lots to offer in terms of culture, history, food and much more. The Hague has both the allure of an international metropolis and the natural beauty and exciting features of a seaside resort The Hague is a popular playground among Dutch surfers, windsurfers and kiteboarders alike. Even in the dead of winter, surfers can be found in the water enjoying the elements. In summertime, the beach is the place to be. The Hague offers two seaside resorts, the fashionable Scheveningen and the quieter Kijkduin. From hip beach resorts with top DJs and an entourage of young people to more traditional beach pavilions for family fun, the beach in The Hague has something to offer to anyone
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Care for our cat. .
Museon, Panorama Mesdag, het Mauritshuis

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