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About Our Home
Our 61,5 square meters is perfect for 1-3 people. We have a big living room with lovely divans and game consoles. We are both students, so we don't have a "fully equipped house with luxuries" :) Washing machine, stove, microwave, fridge, freezer, coffee maker, water heater, xbox... And a fast internet - 12 M! We have a double bed in bedroom, but if there are more than two people staying, we can arrange mattresses for you. Many people seem to be afraid of Finland because of the coldness but hey, our summers are warm/hot (15-30 degrees), and the spring and autumn are beautiful. Winter sure is cold, but our (actually everybody's) apartment has triple glazing - you won't freeze yourselves here. We have no car but you can lend our bicycles if you want. There is a bus stop ~100 metres from the apartment, and the city centre is just about 2 kilometres from here. There's also a lovely swimming place nearby - especially loved by kids. If you like to go running/walking/skiing, there's a perfect place within 1 km. It has a 6 and 9 km route, and in winter it's got a well kept ski track. Supermarkets, pharmacy, pizza place and a watering hole are just a stone throw away. Check out: (link replaced)
Special Considerations
No smoking in the house please! We have a terrace where you can smoke. We have two cats, and it'd be great if you could take care of them while staying - but we might also be able to have a relative/friend take them to stay with them if needed. No loud parties every night :)
Pannu, Matala, Istanbul, La Festa, Monaco
Wanha Mestari, Nuclear Nightclub, Club 45
Lidl, supermarket, pharmacy, hairdresser
Ainola Park, swimming places, Nallikari-beach
Special Events
Qstock-festival, Air guitar worldchampionship, Rotuaari piknik
Flea markets, comfy library in 250 metres from apartment

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destinations Germany,  Ireland
United Kingdom is a place we're always willing to return!
destinations Anytime
This is sure: We're staying in Germany (at least 2 weeks in Leipzig and hopefully another 2 weeks in another German-city) next July. If you're interested in staying in Finland next July, please do con

  About Us

  1. We're Kata & Felix, a young couple from Finland.
  2. Kata is a chemisty student, and Felix studies machine technics.

  Personal Message

We are new to home exchanging, although we have always stayed at apartments rented from private people on our holidays. We are both students, so our budget is unfortunately limited but we do make at least one longer journey every year. We have two lovely cats, so it'd be great if you took care of them while you're staying here - and of course we take care of your pets too if needed. (Cats and dogs are okay, more exotic animals might be a problem :)