Beautiful apartment in the city

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About Our Home
Beautiful apartment in the city in the best area cloese to everything in town. 1 min walk to everything. It's close to the library, close to all the restaurants shopping swimming places, gym et.c. The apartment is very clean and with a 10 m balcony with a wonderful view of nature. There is a laundry too in the same building. For mer info feel free to ask!
Special Considerations
No smoking in the house please
Piccolo Mondo,Mando, Kockska Krogen (5 stars)
Lilla Torg, Êtagé, Victors et.c.Paddy's, HIPP, Piccadilly
Åhléns, HM, Zara, Peak Performance, Emporia, Lacoste, Marlene Birger, Timberland, Marty, GANT
Malmö Hus Castle, Technical museum (aviation, boats et.c)
biking, parks, skiing, ice-skating et.c.Sea harbour Västra Hamnen, Aq-Va-kul swimming pool
Canoeing, Turning Torso, place, Bowling, Kockums Fritid - Squash, Tennis, Badminton, swimming, gym, Ice-hockey, yoga, zumba, basketball, Cinema SF Filmstaden, Boat-tour, Biking, Sailing, Parks, Library, Malmö Opera et.c.
Special Events
Markets, Malls, Concerts, Music concerts, Christmas festival and much more
Malmö Festival, Böda Sand camping...

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  1. I'm a mother with my 18-years old daughter.
  2. I'm a teacher and painter. and my daughter studies Biomedicine & Biotechnique. My daughter have been playing the piano since the age of 4 and she plays still today the most difficult pieces. She is ve
  3. We enjoy trave, we like to listen to calm and quiet music and we both enjoy studying and reading books.

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We have never tried this exchange, and would therefore like to try it, since we think it might be very interesting as we travel alot all over the world.