Stavanger, Norway


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Private entrance, 15 min away from city centre by car? Good neighbors who always treat others great. Dishwasher, clotheswasher, Clothesdryer, a big green garden, 1 min walk from the main Forrest in the city, and no problem with animals, ok? fully furnished, central either way from airport or city. Send contact asap.
Special Considerations
Should not be a problem that owners could be heard above some times?
Chinese, Bistro, bakery, gas station, pizza, pasta.
Pub, Bar.
Rema, Kiwi, Prix, Gas station, mall, OBS.
archaeological museum, prehistorical museum.

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A whole year, more or less.

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  1. Single worker
  2. Artist
  3. sporty, travelling, enjoying.

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I want to study abroad for a year and if you would like to swop and work or study here in Norway, this is a good chance, city and also good money? Contact me if you are interested asap, ok? I am no problems to your home or neighbors, and treat yours with respect, ok? I am a photographer, artist, childcarer, healer, astrology interested and find also time for dreams?